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  • Affordable, personalized coaching
    to help you move through
    separation or divorce
  • Get on-demand,
    expert guidance to
    move forward
    with confidence
  • Is LawCoachBC
    right you?
Expert Support

Expert Support

  • We have been helping separating families for 20 years
  • All coaches have experience navigating separation issues
Personalized Guidance

Personalized Guidance

  • Your law coach works with you on YOUR issues
  • Coaching is provided on-demand, by phone and email
Help to Move Forward

Help to Move Forward

  • Answers to general legal questions
  • Steps to separate the finances
  • Referrals to resources and services

What is a law coach?

Law coaches provide affordable, personalized guidance to help clients move forward with their separation or divorce. Services are provides by phone and email, helping clients on-demand, as needed. A family law coach can help you:

  • understand your legal rights
  • prepare to negotiate parenting arrangements
  • calculate child and spousal support
  • take steps to separate your finances
  • work towards reaching agreement without going to court
  • access free family law resources and services
  • be better prepared when meeting with a lawyer, mediator or family justice counsellor

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LawCoachBC Services

$400 $250  

Separation Starter

Know your legal rights and options

$400 $250  

DIY Divorce

Do it yourself, but not alone

$400 $250  

Trial Preparation

Be more prepared for court appearances

$400 $250  

Child Support Variance

Change child support payments