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LawCoachBC Terms of Service

Justice Education Society of BC (JES) operates services (“we”, “us”, “services”) which provides expert separation guidance to help British Columbians move forward with their separation or divorce. 

These Terms of Service are a legally binding contract between you and JES, the operator of LawCoachBC services. 


  1. Eligibility

    To be eligible for LawCoachBC services, you must be 18 years or older and moving through a separation or divorce process in British Columbia. As further detailed in our Privacy Policy, in order to register, create an account and use LawCoachBC services, you must submit certain information, including but not limited to your name, email address, telephone number, and the name of your former spouse. You agree that the information you provide to us upon registration and at all other times will be true, accurate, current, and complete, and you agree to maintain and update this information with us as necessary. 

    You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, and you accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account. If you believe that your account is no longer secure, then you must immediately notify us. 

    You must not be in a relationship where you fear for your safety or the safety of your children. You must not have a protection order in place either protecting you or your children or prohibiting you from contact with your former spouse or children of that relationship. 

    You must not currently retain a lawyer for the family law matters that you bring to LawCoachBC. If you have the capacity to retain a lawyer for your family law matters, JES encourages you to do so.

    You must purchase LawCoachBC services by making an online payment in the amount of CAD $400.00 to JES.

  2. No Attorney-client relationship

    In no way does the LawCoachBC terms of service create an attorney-client relationship. LawCoachBC provides legal information, not legal advice. LawCoachBC is not bound by the same solicitor-client privilege you would have with a lawyer. 

    Decisions made during a separation or divorce may have legal consequences. You acknowledge that LawCoachBC does not give legal advice and is not responsible for any agreements or transactions that may impact your legal rights or remedies.  

    LawCoachBC and JES recommend that you to seek legal advice before making agreements, signing contracts or submitting court documents. Neither JES nor LawCoachBC are responsible for your failure to seek legal advice or to consider your legal remedies.

  3. Coaching Services 

    LawCoachBC provides coaching services to help British Columbians move forward with their separation or divorce. Services include the provision of information, tips, worksheets, and other assistance, along with referrals to resources and service agencies. LawCoachBC services are provided by phone, email, and through the LawCoachBC website. LawCoachBC is not an in-person service. 

    LawCoachBC does not assume responsibility for your family law matter. We do not “take your case” nor represent you in any way. LawCoachBC provides legal information, not legal advice. We do not nor cannot take responsibility of your legal case. You are responsible for making personal, family, and legal decisions and for moving forward with your separation or divorce.

    LawCoachBC clients receive up to three (3) hours of coaching support for their family law matter. As every separation or divorce is different, a range of services are available to assist LawCoachBC clients. The availability of services does not imply that all LawCoachBC clients receive all services. Rather, up to three (3) hours of coaching service is provided, based on the needs identified and discussed with each client.

    LawCoachBC services MAY include:

    Assistance to help you understand: 

    • The legal process of separation/divorce in BC
    • Legal rights, obligations, and options related to: 
      • Parenting arrangements, including guardianship, parenting time, and access
      • Child support and spousal support
      • Property division (assets and liabilities)
    • Court forms required by court 


    Assistance to help you take steps to separate finances: 

    • Prepare a monthly budget and balance sheet
    • Change banking and credit card arrangements
    • Gather necessary financial information and documents 
    • Calculate child support and spousal support
    • Plan for special and extraordinary expenses


    Assistance to help you co-parent: 

    • Worksheets and templates to create a parenting plan
    • 6-month subscription to CoParenter application
    • Referral to free mediation services 
    • Help Centre and CoParenter articles providing access to a variety of insight and guidance on parenting issues


    Assistance to help you reach agreement: 

    • Tips, worksheets, and resources to improve your communication skills
    • Tips and information on negotiation, mediation, and communicating in high conflict
    • Support to prepare for meetings with your former spouse, a mediator, a lawyer, and others
    • Non-legal review of documents and agreements


    Assistance to help you get the most from LawCoachBC referrals: 

    • One (1) hour of free legal advice from a BC unbundled family law lawyer (service provided by phone or email)
    • Referral to Family Justice Centres and Legal Services Society
    • Referral to a range of online family law websites and resources
    • Referral to services that support your personal wellness


    LawCoachBC DOES NOT:

    • Provide legal advice. (LawCoachBC includes referral to one hour of free legal advice from a family law lawyer)
    • Make decisions for you. You must make your own personal and family decisions
    • Conduct negotiations on your behalf nor represent you in anyway
    • Communicate with others on your behalf 
    • Fill out your forms, nor serve or file court documents


  4. Duration and time keeping 
    • LawCoachBC services are provided over a period of six (6) months, commencing from the service purchase date. All LawCoachBC services are to be utilized within the six month service period.
    • LawCoachBC will provide three (3) hours of coaching support for your family law matter. Time will be calculated in increments of 5 minutes. Your law coach will track time as it is provided and update the client dashboard to notify you of time used and time remaining.
    • For all matters that require more than thirty (30) minutes of coaching time, your law coach will notify you and seek your approval in advance of the service being provided.
    • LawCoachBC will provide a referral for up to one (1) hour of legal advice from a BC family law lawyer. The lawyer will track time and report it to LawCoachBC. Your law coach will update your client dashboard to notify you of time used and time remaining. 
  5. No Guarantees 

    LawCoachBC may provide legal help and information about your family law matter, or about possible court cases relating to this matter. LawCoachBC cannot guarantee any particular result.  You acknowledge that LawCoachBC provides general information, not legal advice, and that any information offered does not constitute a guarantee.  

  6. Communications

    You agree that LawCoachBC will try to return telephone calls and respond to inquiries as quickly as possible, but that may not be possible on the same day.  Law coaches work weekdays with standard office hours. You agree to use the website as the primary tool for written communications between yourself and LawCoachBC.

  7. Relationship with CoParenter 

    As part of your purchase of Law Coach Services, you will receive six (6) months of access to the CoParenter application at no cost. CoParenter is an American company and is solely responsible for their services and you are responsible for reviewing and following their terms of services and privacy policy. 

    At the end of 6 months, it is your responsibility to maintain the CoParenter subscription if you wish to do so. You agree to allow LawCoachBC to share your email address for the purposes of creating a CoParenter account. You are responsible for downloading the app on to your device. 

  8. Lawyer Referral Service

    LawCoachBC will refer you to a family law lawyer who will provide up to one hour of legal advice, at no additional cost. This service will be provided by phone or email and will be based on your legal questions.

    The lawyer is selected from the list of participating family law lawyers and is not a JES employee nor compensated by LawCoachBC for the provision of services. LawCoachBC is not responsible for any advice provide by the lawyer.

    You agree to allow LawCoachBC to share client information with the lawyer, including contact information, the completed intake questionnaire, legal questions and other information relevant to your family law matter that you have shared with LawCoachBC. 

    The lawyer will track time for services provided to each LawCoachBC client and will communicate this with a JES law coach. The client dashboard will be updated to reflect time used and time remaining for this free consultation.

    You may wish to contract the lawyer for additional services beyond the free hour and this relationship is solely between you and the lawyer.

  9. Prohibited Conduct 

    Safety is of the utmost importance and violence or threats will not be tolerated. LawCoachBC reserves the right to terminate coaching services without refund if you are abusive or threatening towards your coach, your former spouse or children of that relationship.  In addition, you will not interfere with, or attempt to interfere with the provision of LawCoachBC services, to you or others.

  10. Confidentiality 

    LawCoachBC is PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. We will not share any of this information without asking for your permission except as required to conduct our services, or by law. Any information used for service evaluation purposes will have all client identifying information removed. Please review our Privacy Policy.

    We are legally obligated to report to law enforcement and other appropriate agencies if we have a reasonable suspicion that a child is suffering from emotional abuse, physical abuse or neglect, or if a law coach has a reasonable suspicion that an identifiable person is a danger to himself or herself or to another. 

  11. Liability

    Use LawCoachBC services at your own risk. We are not responsible, legally or otherwise, to you or any other person for your use of the services. We make no promises, warranties, statements, or conditions at all, express, implied, or statutory, related to LawCoachBC services nor these Terms of Service. 

    Neither JES nor LawCoachBC are responsible under these Terms of Service for any indirect, special, punitive, or consequential court award of money. We are not responsible, legally or otherwise, to you for any loss of revenue, savings, income, profit, or reputation based on any legal theory. These limits apply even if we are told of the possibility of those damages. You will not join in any class action lawsuit against us.

  12. Indemnity

    You will protect us from all losses or court award of money that result from your use or non-use of the Services, any User Info, or your breaking of any of these Terms.

  13. Law and Assignment

    These Terms are understood and governed by the laws of British Columbia. If we have a dispute, you may only start the legal dispute in the courts in British Columbia. These Terms and the Services are personal to you. You may not give, transfer, or assign your rights or obligations to anyone else. These Terms are the whole agreement between us about the matters in these Terms. There are no other terms.

  14. Changes: Terms and Services

    We can change LawCoachBC Terms of Service at any time without telling you. Check this page for updates. You are bound by the current LawCoachBC Terms of Services at all times. You may not use LawCoachBC Services if you do not agree to the Terms (original or changed).


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