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Is LawCoachBC right for you?

Answer 7 questions

LawCoachBC provides personalized, on-demand guidance to clients as they move through the process of separation.

But LawCoachBC is not for everyone. The questions that follow will help you identify if LawCoachBC services are right for you.

After each question, feedback is provided based on your response. At the end, a recommendation is provided, based on your answers.

1. What was your relationship status?
2. Are you separating or getting a divorce in British Columbia?
3. Which of the following statements best describes the status of your separation today?
4. How would you describe your ability to communicate with your spouse?
5. Do you have children under age 19, or dependent children over the age of 19, with your spouse?
6. Do you have a lawyer
7. Do you have concerns for your safety or the safety of your children?


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