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LawCoachBC Services


LawCoachBC helps British Columbians move forward with their separation or divorce by providing information and resources to simplify the process.


LawCoachBC services are personalized to meet the specific needs of each client. All services are provided on-demand by phone and email. 


Our goal is to help clients navigate the legal complexities of separation and divorce, helping them settle if possible, without going through a contested trial.


All LawCoachBC services include:

  • 3 hours of personalized services provided by a family law coach including consultations, responding to your questions and providing you with resources and referrals
  • 1 hour of legal advice provided free by a BC family law lawyer 
  • Referral to free mediation services
  • 6 month subscription to – the #1 coparenting app
  • Support to get the most from BC family law resources and services

Separation Starter

Know your legal rights and options

Separation and divorce can be complex and overwhelming. Have a law coach guide you through your options and next steps. Understand your legal rights and options related to parenting arrangements, child support, spousal support, separation of assets and debt. Get answers to your legal questions. Be better prepared to negotiate with your former spouse and make interim agreements. Learn about separating your finances. You’ve got questions, we will help you find the answers.

Child Support Variance

Change child support payments 

Has your income changed since you made your child support agreement? If yes, talk to a law coach about how to apply for a Child Support Variance. Your law coach can help you gather financial records and calculate support payments based on your current situation. Feel better prepared to negotiate with your former spouse. Find out the alternative options to court and learn what to expect if you do need to apply to court. Your law coach will give you the information and resources to get you started.


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