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LawCoachBC Services

On-demand Assistance

LawCoachBC provides expert separation guidance by phone and email, when you need it. Services include:


  • Three hours of personalized consultations with a family law coach

  • Referral for one free hour of time with a family law lawyer 

  • Referral to free mediation services

  • Six-month subscription to

  • Support to get the most from BC family law resources and services


Personalized, Expert Guidance

Your law coach will tailor services to YOUR needs. 


Your coach will:

  • Provide you with an overview of the legal process of separation/divorce 

  • Explain the fundamentals of parenting arrangements, child support, spousal support, and property division, as needed

  • Help you make the most of your time with a lawyer, a mediator and other family law service providers

  • Provide communication tips and strategies to reduce conflict and help you be better prepared for discussions with your former spouse

  • Help you work towards reaching agreement without going to court


Answers to Your Questions

If you are going through separation or divorce, you probably have a lot of questions. LawCoachBC provides on-demand answers to legal and co-parenting questions.


  • We don't have all the answers, but your law coach will work hard to try to get you the information you need

  • Plus, LawCoachBC includes up to one hour of time with a family law lawyer and referral to free mediation services 

  • Your law coach will listen to your needs and provide a roadmap of next steps to help you move your separation forward


Still wondering if LawCoachBC is right for you?

Work Through Financial Issues

Whether you are comfortable with finances or not, your law coach work with you to get your finances organized, helping you:


  • Prepare a budget, gather documents, and create a financial plan for your new life
  • Calculate child support and spousal support according to Federal guidelines, plus plan for special expenses

  • Take steps to separate your finances, make a budget, list assets and debts, and have a better idea of where you stand financially


Learn more about separating your finances:

Help With Co-parenting

Your law coach will work with you to create a draft parenting plan that works for you and your children. Plus, all LawCoachBC clients get a free 6-month subscription to services.


  • Use the app to schedule and record child pick-ups, communicate with your former spouse and connect with an on-demand mediator to resolve co-parenting issues.
  • Access free tools that help you and your former spouse put the interests of your children at the forefront of your separation.


Get co-parenting tips from experts:

Reach Agreement

Increase your ability to create a settlement agreement without going to trial


  • Your law coach will work with you to navigate the process of separation     
  • We provide coaching to help you focus on key issues, minimize conflict and achieve positive solutions 
  • Receive referrals to free mediation services 
  • Get professional help to address financial conflict and work out coparenting issues, with no additional cost 


We can't promise that you and your former spouse will reach agreement. But we can work with you to improve communications with your former spouse.


Our goal is to help you work towards reaching agreement without going to trial.