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Managing the Money

Managing the Money

Now that you are separating, it is more important than ever to understand your financial situation. Your circumstances have changed and you need a new plan.

You have a lot of questions. How will the bills get paid? What can I afford? Who gets what? Can I maintain my and my children’s quality of life? Who can help me sort through all the details?

Often in relationships, one partner is more in control of money than the other. This can lead to power imbalances during the relationship and after it ends. Knowing your legal rights and understanding your new financial reality are the first steps to be able to move forward independently. 

LawCoachBC can help you:

  • Gain insight into your financial situation

  • Develop monthly and annual budgets

  • Understand your rights and obligations regarding assets and liabilities

  • Calculate child support and spousal support according to Federal guidelines

  • Take steps to separate your finances

It takes work and you are going to have to get organized, learn new skills and make some big decisions. LawCoachBC clients get help along the way, with personalized expert separation guidance.  Not sure if LawCoachBC is right for you? Answer 7 questions.

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Source: LawCoachBC

Author: Justice Education Society