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5 Ways to Maximize Your Time with a Lawyer

5 Ways to Maximize Your Time with a Lawyer

LawCoachBC includes a referral for up to one free hour of time with a family law lawyer. That's not a lot of time, especially when you consider how complex separation issues can be. We recommend that everyone going through a separation or divorce gets legal advice. But also understand that this can be expensive. Most BC lawyers charge well over to $250 per hour for family law cases.

Here are 5 things you can do to minimize the cost and maximize your time with a lawyer:

  1. Do your homework  - If you have a choice, interview a few lawyers and pick a lawyer who you can work with and negotiate a retainer agreement that works for you.
  2. Be organized   - Get all the documents your lawyer needs to them promptly and in an organized fashion.
  3. Be reasonable   - The #1 thing that can cause costs to skyrocket is when people unreasonably refuse to come to an agreement. Generally, people are much more satisfied when they are able sort out their family matters without going to court.    
  4. Do some of the work   - Talk to your lawyer to see if there is any work you can do such as contacting witnesses or filing documents.
  5. Be careful with your communications   - Understand what your lawyer will charge you for each time you call them. Do not rely on your lawyer for emotional support and consider writing out what you want to say to the lawyer in an email rather than calling them.  

LawCoachBC will help you prepare your questions for a lawyer, identify areas where you could take advantage of other resources besides a lawyer, and help you get organized to make your time with a lawyer as efficient as possible.

In closing, here's are two more tips:

Go online and gather information that helps you understand family law basics. In BC, there are more than 300 free family law resources and services.  

Sign up for LawCoachBC. Clients get personalized assistance to help them move through separation or divorce, plus that one free hour with a family law lawyer.

Learn more about LawCoachBC Services.

Source: LawCoachBC

Author: Justice Education Society – The Justice Education Society (JES) is a BC-based non-profit organization whose mission is to empower people to access and deliver justice in Canada and globally. JES has been helping separating families for 20 years. 


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