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About Us

LawCoachBC is a new family law service offered by the Justice Education Society.

Who is Justice Education Society?

The Justice Education Society of BC (JES) is a BC-based nonprofit organization with 30 years of experience providing public legal education and justice system capacity building in Canada and overseas. 

JES has been providing family resources and services to British Columbians for 20 years. We developed BC’s Parenting After Separation (PAS) program, produced and through our Ask JES service, we have responded to thousands of family law questions from the public. We also developed, a national website that provides age appropriate information for parents, teens and kids going through a family break up. 

LawCoachBC was created to support the growing number of British Columbians who have chosen not to retain a family law lawyer at this time.

Why hire a law coach?

In BC, about half of all separations and divorces move through the courts without a lawyer – people represent themselves. LawCoachBC was created to provide free, personalized guidance to support British Columbians who do not have a family law lawyer.

Family litigation is expensive. It can also be complicated and stressful. By providing affordable, professional separation guidance, LawCoachBC helps clients make more informed decisions, reach agreement without going to trial, and take the next step to move forward in their lives. We do not provide legal advice, but we know that it is important that clients get legal advice for their family law matter. Our service includes one free hour of time with a family law lawyer.

LawCoachBC provides separation guidance on-demand, by phone and email. Our goal is to help our clients gain the knowledge, skills and support they need to move more confidently through the early stages of separation or divorce, and hopefully to resolve their family law issues without going to trial. 

More information on JES is available at:

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